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How to pick the right Nike sportsbra?

How to pick the right Nike sportsbra?

Did you know that most of the woman does not pick the righ sportsbra?

Most of them don’t know what criterias to keep in mind when they base their decisions on, however femal breasts can weight between 250 grs to 1 000 grs – so it truely matters how to support them.

So please find here some good advices.

Why to wear a sportsbra at doing exercises?

Based on some researches, at doing sports, breasts can move even 9 cms to all directions.

To prevent deformation, unpleasant feelings, breasts must be supported and braced.

What size to buy?

Well, first try on. Probably your lingerie size will fit too.

Different styles might come with slightly different sizes.

How does a good sportsbra fit on you?

The strap all around must fit / slink to your body, keeping a space to a finger under the strap.

It should be not too loose, not too tight.

It should hold, not to strangle.

What are the signs that a sporstbra doesn’t fit perfectly?

It hurts, giving an unpleasant feeling in the back and the chest. The same bra is probably not appropriate for running and to do yoga.

If it leaves a mark on your skin

So what type fits the most to your shape?

We have no better idea then start trying on different ones.

What level of hold your body shape needs?

It depends the most on your cup size and the activity you are doing.

Light hold: used for stretching, walking. Its cutting is similar to an undershirt, made out of light, thin material.

Middle hold: combines the two holds. Ladies with smaller breasts can even wear it for running.

Strong hold: especially for running. Includes an additional layer to provide stronger support.

How often does it make sense to change the old sportsbra?

The biggest danger is to lose elasticity – to prevent this, get a new bra after appr. 30 – 40 washing.

Of course a „normal” lingerie bra can be also worn – but believe us, a specially shaped Nike sportsbra will praise its buying and wearing.

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