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Return and exchange new

If due to any cases you are unsatisfied with the purchased products, you can return it within 14 days. The product must be in its original shape.

If all requirements are completed, we’ll provide you with*

  • change of the actual product
  • we pay the money back
  • with voucher


*depending on stock.


To send back the product, please complete the following easy steps: 

Return process

  • Give the order number, and indicate if you request a pay-back / or change within 14 days
  • Push the botton for the next step
  • Select the product(s) that you would like to change or return. Please choose the correct quantity you want to return.
  • Describe shortly the reason for return.
  • Select if you want a pay-back or change of the product.

In case of pay-back

For transfering back your money, we will need your banking data.

  • Number of bank account
  • Name of bank account owner


Start the pay-back process:

In case of change:

  • Indicate that you want a change
  • Send your change request. In this case the system will direct you to the webpage. In the value of the returned product you can choose anything from the page:
  1. same product in a different size
  2. an other product
  • Send your order. The system will count the total amount on the order sum up page / and dedict it from the total if necessary
  1. If your new order is higher that the original one, you can pay cash-on-delivery for the courier
  2. If your new order is lower that the original one, we will send you a voucher about the difference

When the product you sent us back arrives, we will send out the new product.

The change doesn’t have any additional cost.


Please keep in mind that your package should fulfill all the below mentioned requirements: 

  • prepare your package: it should be in its original shape and state, also in its original packaging. It can’t be worn, washed or damaged in any ways.
  • it should contain all labels
  • it should be sent back within 14 days
  • please don’t stick anything on the boxes. Please put the original shoebox to an other box.
  • make sure you close it properly, and it won’t open during deliver


Please return your package to the following address:

Trimera Sports Hungary Kft.,
Örs Vezér tere 25, Árkád
fsz. NIKE
1106, Budapest

Please always indicate your order number!

The delivery is at your responsibility, therefore please choose a reliable service company. Please make sure you get a unique package number, so that the package can be tracked down.

You can also return the package personally to our package point to Nike Árkád – but before doing so, please inform our customer service!


Return process: 

After return we immediately check if the product is in its original shape, and if yes, we start the return process according to the indicated timing and method. It usually takes a couple of days.

We keep you informed about the process in an email.

If we can’t change the product due to its shape / condition, we also inform you about it in an email. In this case we’ll send you back the product in the same condition we’ve received it.


We’ll return the price of the product on the same way you completed the payment: 

  • In case it was PayPal payment, through PayPal
  • In case it was through bank card, through bank card
  • Bank transfer if the original payment was with to send collect


The term of the return depends on the applied way of payment.

If the payment was completed with gift voucher we don’t return money, but we do compensate it in the form of gift voucher.