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Nike Westend

Nike Westend, the first Budapest store of Trimera Sports Hungary Ltd range. was opened in 2012.

The store, located in the center of Budapest can be reached perfectly by the ones living in town, but also by customers travelling from the countryside by train or tram. It is also a very popular location for tourists.

Nike WestEnd was closed for a complete remodelling in February, 2018. and was reopened in March. The new store was designed by the latest store design concept of Nike, and the store lays on more than 330 m2. The new design is very unique even in Europe:.the ultramodern design combined with breathtaking interior spaces provides a very special shopping experience.

The new, extended baseball section with its special product portfolio satisfies professionals, fans and experts as well.

The so far popular units are waiting for its fans: wide choice of woman and men’s shoes and textils for training and running, and great selection of streetwear too.

And if you are going after accessories this is your place:  you will be able to find bags, socks, all kind of hats, weights and so on.

The running mill is still available for all those, who would like to try and select the most suitable shoes with the help of our experts.

The very specially and carefully trained sales team is waiting for the customers every day.


Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10:00-21:00 

Sunday: 10:00-19:00