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How to pick the most fitting Nike running shoe?

How to pick the most fitting Nike running shoe?

Should you run on a daily, weekly basis, or occassionally – it is very important to pick the right running appareils – and especially the shoes.

Please find here some advices to help your choice.

Pick the right size and shape.

Sounds evident, but yes, this is most important criteria for choice.



Measure at the end of the day, when all-day walking increases your foot size.

Wear the type of socks you wear for running. Barefeet only if you run barefeet anyhow.

There is only 5 mm (!) difference between two sizes – so measure precisely!

Measure both feet. Most people’s sizes differentiate – always use the larger size.


How to measure?

Use a tape measure from your big (longest) foot toe till the end of your heel (again, on your bigger foot).

Check the length in our size chart, and pick the right size.

Sometimes people like to wear a half size biger shoe – just to leave enough space to the feet. Keep in mind the width and the height of the foot too.

Support the inside arch of the mounting

Mind your splay-foot! (If you have any)

The inside arch of the mounting could be:

  • middle
  • high
  • low

The middle one is the so called „ideal type”.


Natural ventillation

It is OK for the feet to get wet during running.

The question is the v entillation of your running shoes. If it is not right, the moisture can cause bad odours, and most importantly footsores, blisters, even disinfections.

A properly woven material will help vaporization, and will keep the feet dry.


Proper cushioning

It is important that when the soles and heels reach the ground there is something to soften it. This should prevent pain and injuries.

This is especially important in case of low arches.


Material and durability

Usually we can say the a good running shoe is made of the combination of many differfent materials.

The target is to get a shoe that helps you running tougher and faster than any other times.

We should emphasisze durability – nobody wants to spend on a new pair of running shoes month by month.

It is important to mention here, that Nike pays a verfy special attention to protect the environment, therefore we use recycled materials wherever we can – but minimum in 50%.



All in all we can say that the target is to buy a reall comfortable pair of running shoes.

You can have all the above mentioned factors, if the shoes afre uncomfortable, therefore you don’t feel like wearing them.

The objective is that your output should improve, and the shoe should be the most fitting piece.

Choose the right one in our Sportmonkey webshop, and if you feel like, pop in to our Nike Budapest stores, get the advice of our colleagues, and get ont he threadmill and try it.

We are happy to help!

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